The Brief

Chivas Studio is a property that translates a luxurious lifestyle endorsed by the brand into an on-ground statement through contemporary art, fashion, photography, installation and performing art under one umbrella. Our challenge was to retain the value of the property while creating a new chapter for latest edition of Chivas Studio.

The Idea

White intended to put forth a modern luxurious outlook & change the age old notion of ‘Whisky being an old man’s drink’.
With the right balance of strategic collaborations & experiential thrust, ‘Re-inventing the classic’ became the guiding thought for Chivas Studio.
The canvas was clear & we painted it with an inspirational thought. Just like an aged whisky renders itself to modern cocktails, our experience blended the old into new ways of expression.
Vintage elements seen through a modern lens. From the bar to the drinks, from the products on display to the music bringing the evening together, from the space design to the content curated, Chivas Studio made its guests see the charm of tradition with the relevance of modern times.
The evolving story saw people like Raghvendra Rathore, Asmita Marva, Nikhil Thampi & the Nappa Dori brand come on board to reinvent classics to fuse the right craft with contemporary notes.